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Painting complete

I have the entire shelving unit painted. It was fun! Very telling in how to do it once I got in and started. I painted against the grain at first, which is how I got the look in the top of the shelf, but I wanted a smoother finish, especially on top, so put a 2nd coat on the top. 

As I went, it dawned on me that I needed more paint on the brush to apply a thicker coat. Overall, this unit took about 1/2 qt of paint. I made up my chalk paint using non-sanded tile grout. 

Next I will be sanding. I might get to start that tonight but will have to be careful that I don’t  sand too much off. I also have to decide how I want to finish this piece. 

A few things I found helpful are to make sure I had a towel handy to wipe off paint that I wear..LOL

Starting from the back of the deep shelves in the center of the unit, with the brush loaded, painting with the grain was best for me. I have the unit sitting on cardboard, but next time I will use 2×4’s to raise it up because there are two corner’s that I can’t get to. A clean working environment is a must. Having two dogs that both have long hair make that difficult. I will confess now that this piece has a few hairs painted in. LOL 

It will be a day or two before I post again because I have other things to do in my room before I can out this unit back in there, and I have to walk the dogs, cook and all that other domestic stuff.  shop and cook for myself & my brother and I am designated driver for my elderly parents too. Image

Here is a photo of the shelves all painted 


These are my babies who now get to go for a long well deserved walk!



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Exciting announcements

First of all, I have two blogs on Blogspot but htere is a chance that this blog here at WordPressis going to be THE blog for me because I can add ( I think) html codes for things I am doing. Like trying to get ads for my pages into Googles searches. I am figuring this all out on my own so please bear with me. I think that will also serve as my ‘store’ once I have my pieces ready for sale.

So first and foremost, I am going to add a link to my other blogs to get this all connected.

Haha…I clicked preview and to my surprise, it worked! But for whatever reason I cannot get it to work for my other blog or my website. I will get to that later!

Next of all, and most importantly of all, yesterday I was finally able to order some of Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint which you can find here at

I am excited to try this paint and hope to paint pieces as beautiful as this talented Lady does!

Last announcement:
I was thrilled to find my local collectibles shop today. When I saw it, I had to turn around and go back. The shop was closed but I was able to look through the windows and I was absolutely drooling! There is so much in there that looking through the windows is merely a tease to me, and I can’t wait to get in and see what lies beneath the surface. Lots of treasures in there for me to drool over, I am sure!

So check back often as I am going to get this blog up and running….as soon as I can figure out how to link up to my favorite sites and blogs!

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My beginnings

I think I need to show you all how I am beginning in the world of crafting…repurposing…upcycling.

Mind you, I di not have a creative bone in my body, so I am squeezing what I can out to start with and things look so corny to me.

This was my very first project and it was something to kill time. My daughter’s middle name is Hope. She has two daughter’s whose middles names are Faith and Love. I did their names freestyle, while letting my mind wonder down memory lane.

One day last week my brother, who is remodeling this old house he bought in July and which we live in, gave me some shelves from the closet he was working on. I washed them with TSP and the paint peeled right off.

I don’t have a picture of this part yet, but I mixed us some home made Chalk Paint with what I had on hand, yellow, and red, and some grey I think. Anywhos….I painted the top of the shelves with that. I really like the color. Once it was dry, I put a couple of coats of paste wax on it to repel anything that ‘may’ get spilled. These shelves have a trim o them so items can’t slip off and they were painted white. I stained on top of the white paint and let it dry for several days. I didn’t want the shelves to wait any longer so today I used what I had on hand from my cute little Paint Pods and because I want some color in my life suddenly, one is olive gree and one is sky blue. These shelves will be at the head ofthe bed, so I am the only one who will be looking at the undeside of them anyway.


AFter Christmas I bought myself a woodburning set and when my brother gave two slabs of Mahogany I went right to work on one. I did this Rose.

Then last week I was bored so I painted it

Somewhere in the middle of all this I also made some candle holders out of mason jars…the kind you can change the candle any time you want a different look. Can’t find that pic this minute either, go figure!

I have two gorgeous German Shepherds that I often go out to just play with. Got my brother to take some pics of us one day

and because I adore them so much here is their Christmas picture

When my brother gave me the Mahogany, he also gave me a stack of about 7 old windows. Two have no glass and 5 have glass, but one is missing one little window.

As soon as my order of Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint comes in, I will go to work on these and on the twin head board and foot board he gave me (frame included although it is metal)

I also take care of my elderly parents. My mom is showing signs of dementia, has had several surgeries, including back surgery, a cataract surgery and more so she is becoming more frail. My dad just had his first cataract surgery and is not doing well from that, but has his second one scheduled for the 31 of this month. Mom can’t drive, and hasn’t for years, and now dad can’t either. I take them to appointments, shopping, and help around their house. Speaking of which, tomorrow is another busy day of shopping and what not so see you all on the flip side!



My latest scores

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This is a photo I just took of the old twin head and foot boards my brother recently gave me. He found them in the crawl space upstairs in this old hosue we live in. He just bought it last July, and the house was built in 1890. Cool Huh?

He also gave me a stack of old windows he found up there

Here is my rose. I have a woodburning set and used it, then painted the rose with latex paints I get in Paint Pods from my local Ace Hardware.

Notice the shelf that my Paint Pod is sitting on? It is destined for a work over and some fabulous Milk Paint!

I have a list of projects on top of these so I have decided to start b ordering the samples of Milk Paint to at least get my feet wet. Sitting here with projects on the list and no paint doesn’t work well for me!

To date, I have a set of dining room chairs to refurbish for our house, the windows, the bed, the shelf above, and I also have a large mirror where the glass in it is messed up so despite the fact that it goes with my bedroom set, I want to paint it, distress, and turn the mirror into a chalk board, with…you guessed it…Chalkboard paint! I just picked up an older telephone table that I have plans for, and awhile back I picked up a piano bench which is also destined for a make over.




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Just joined WordPress

I am new to WordPress not not really to blogging. Just changing my blog over here to get better acquainted with folks 🙂

So this is me :


I am 50 +, single and have two German Shepherds and two kitties. My dogs are both 5 years old and they are my life. My kitties, one is 13 years young, and the other is about 7.

We have always lived in Washington state, but last July we relocated to Oregon….eastern OR, where instead of rain all the time, there is snow in the winter and sunshine in the summer. My parents are starting to need a little help here and there and my older brother has MS. He has been here for two years now and bought a house that was built in 1890. As soon as he said I could live with him, my bags were packed!

Since moving here, I have helped my brother to put up a new fence and do other remodeling projects as needed. I have been looking for work and to date have not found anything. Winter time here is really not the best time to look for a job. So it has been a long and boring winter so far.

That brought me to the world of blogging, but more importantly, gave me tons of time to look around on Pinterest and find a few things that interested me enough to blog about. I am totally inspired and ready to rock and roll. Of course, being on unemployment has not been the easiest to get my projects under way.

I started out with some home made chalk paint and a board my brother gave me…just a a 4×2 I think, or something like that. I went to my local Ace Hardware one day and discovered Paint pods, shown below. Notice the table this Paint Pod is sitting on? It is destined to be my first sizable project for either Chalk Paint or Milk Paint once I decide what I want to do with it.


I painted my board and decorated it. I also did a teeny tiny bit of distressing a long the edges but it doesn’t show in this photo.


I was just killing time when I did this. The names are my daughter’s middle name, and both of her daughter’s middle names.

Before messing with paint, I also found the world of pallets and grabbed a couple and ‘built’ myself an extra little shelf for my room. I still have pallet projects to do but to be honest, it is just too darn cold out there to mess with them right now. My pallet shelf is on the bottom, and has since been stained darker because I did not like the yellow paint on it.


I have also painted some other shelves and waxed them up for the wall at the head of my bed. They still need some work so I am not picturing them here for now. The main purpose for all of this was to get the feel of chalk paint and how it works.

Then after Christmas I ordered myself a woodburning set. Again my brother came to the rescue with a couple slabs of Mahogany, and I made this Rose.


And of course I had to check out the Mason Jar cool things to do and made those two candle holders next to my Rose. After all of this, I was bored once again so I decided to paint the rose


Now that I have experimented, I want to try Milk Paint! I need to save up my pennies and find a retailer fast! I am going to work for an Auction House, and I buy a lot of stuff from them. My goal is to start getting nice pieces that don’t sell at the auctions and painting them up for resell. The town I live in is a small historical town and we have a few events during the spring and summer that brings in tourists where I can sell my pieces. I would like nothing more than to supplement my income with something I have fun doing!

Time for me to go cook dinner, but first let me thank you for stopping by my new blog and looking. There will be more as soon as I can get some pieces finished. And if you know how to get your hands on Milk Paint …Please let me know!!