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Kitchen demolition

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I will not subject you to looking at the pictures. Won’t.Do.It! Suffice it to say, our kitchen is in shambles. The fridge is in the dining room, and we can’t find the dustpan either!  I won’t mention names, but someone tried to move the fridge from kitchen to dining room with no help and without emptying it first. When I came upon the scene) from upstairs where I had been painting in peace, I found it in the kitchen doorway and was told to give it a push from the top. Then I heard things clattering. Acckk!! 

But we have several cabinets up and in use. We have shuffled dishes and food stuffs from here to there and back again as we got the new cabinets up. This is Faaaaar from over though! There is still one upper to finish tomorrow. There are two that can’t go up until ‘adjustments are made’.

Then comes the lower cabinets. And before that, comes the disconnecting of the sink, removal of everything on the floor, and the installation of the new linoleum. We will have no water in the kitchen for two days at the least, maybe three. That means getting water for coffee elsewhere. The idea of getting water from the bathtub bothers me. Probably because our bathroom is not finished either. Might have to get water from mom’s and transport! 

Either way, I refused to cook. Can’t cook in a demolished kitchen right? SO called mom and invited us over there for dinner. Arrived on time. Then dad got a call we waited for all day.had to go to next town (about 35 miles away) to pick up their TV from repairman. Took all 4 of us to get ‘er done. LOL It was a pretty afternoon and we took a family drive. At least dad has TV to keep him entertained so he doesn’t try to come help with Demo! Had dinner when we got back, then home to care for and feed pets. 

Oh and I painted today toooooo! I just received some Milk Paint from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company. They posted on Facebook about a Giveaway and I got in on it. They gave a choice of two colors. After exchanging emails, Anne promised to send two Quarts of my choice of colors and some Wax! I picked Sea Green and Salmon Red. So today I started painting a twin head board and foot board. I will also be painting the (metal) rails, but probably not in Milk Paint. I have to say the paint was SWEEEEEEET! I had also ordered some from them. It came yesterday. Snow White.And more Wax. Glad I did too. I mixed one part Sea Green and two parts Snow White with warm water. I made it thicker than I did MMSMP. SafePaint can be used on walls, and you can occupy the room as soon as it is dry. It has NO VOC’s. All I could small was the lavender wax because I use it to finish off another piece I had. This SafePaint is exactly what I was looking for! Easy to mix, goes on perfectly. I did spend yesterday sanding my head and foot boards and I did wipe them down with TSP first and let them dry.I simply could not have asked for a better experience! I think being a newbie to painting furniture makes this paint even more special because I have tried home made chalk paint and MMSMP and like this the best. It is reasonably priced and shipping is cheap and fast! 




I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to try it, and absolutely LOVE the results! 

Due to the fact that this project is not finished I will not be showing it tonight either, but rest assured it will be up in a few short days! Check back soon for updates on our kitchen remodel and my OFMPC project too!


Author: Bev

Just moved to an old Historic town in Oregon, to be closer to my elderly parents. Sharing a house with my brother that was built in 1890. I have two German Shepherds that love to walk, romp and play, swim and anything else as long as it is with me. My interests are in home decor, gardening, and remaking furniture by repairing, painting and breathing new life into it. Trying to learn all I can about blogging too!

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