reviving vintage furniture with paint, stencils, wax, and more. Home decor.

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My auction preview

I got to go over and do the preview at the acution today and thought I would share what I found.

First off is this children’s school desk. I would love to get it and remake it.

school desk

Next up is a painted desk that is well made with dove tail drawers, but it needs cleaned up and a fresh new look.



And there are things there that I would not be able to paint like this vintage record player

antique record player


The auctioneer and his helpers are stil bringing out stuff for tomorrow’s auction and I am hoping there will be a great find in there somewhere. I did spot a nice dresser set that I didn’t get a picture of and would LOVE to remake them, however, the price has to be just right. I am anxious to se what they have and will be hitting the bank for cash right and early!



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Celebrating Spring!

Just a little planter I had picked up at our ReStore. It was gray when I picked it up, but I had an itch to scratch, meaning I needed to paint something pretty. I just happened to have pastel colors on hand and thought how perfect with Easter just a week away!


Once the weather is warmer, I will line the baskets (which I grabbed at the Dollar Store yesterday) with moss, a little bit of soil and put some pretty flowers in them.  For Easter I will probably do something else to fill the baskets.

Of course that means shopping tomorrow! I just love it when a project gives me an excuse to go shopping!

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Abandoning WP

I have not really learned WP well, and feel that it is not my thing, really. I am going to abandon this blog. I use blogger more, find it more user friendly, and have plans to beging a new blog htere that is more organized and more engaging for my readers. 

For now you can find me at 

I don’t want to be DIY Granny…I want to have a catchy name, and I finally came up with a name that I like, and it was available too, so once I publish the new blog I will post that name and URL at the above blog and cross my fingers that anyone whp wants to see what I am up to will find their way to my new blog. 


So…see you all on the flip side! 

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Fighting Blah!

This has been a tough week for me. Spring is in the air and I want to be outside. I want to paint furniture. I want to build this awesome project but it has to be painted first and I just haven’t been feeling it. Yesterday I started to push myself to paint but knew that was a bad idea. It didn’t look good, so I had to stop. 

BUT here is what I did prior to this feeling of Blah! 



That is a saloon door! It is one of 4 major pieces for my build. 

I also ‘dressed up’ a vintage wooden crate. It will eventually be something taht sits inside the object that I am building. 



Today I am going to try to get the rest of my project painted so I can move on to actualy building it this weekend. Hopefully I can get moving on this and make some real progress! 

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MUD Theme!

Something totally different to lift my spirits! 

I want to share what makes me smile. Even if MUD is involved, which lately it has been involved a LOT

Mud BellyImage

Mud runnin’



Mud rompin’


Mud butts


Mud Dogs!Image


And Mud shakin’



Have a wonderful weekend, even if MUD isn’t involved!

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Epic fail-Painted furniture strikes back!

Oh where to begin! 

I shared this over on my Blogger blog so why not go for the Gusto! LOL

I have worked all week on a twin headboard and foot board. One of my problems was that I had t do it in several sittings due to time restraints. I don’t even have a job, but got interrupted enough that I think I really botched this project!

I had to remix paint (to match? Not easy!) 3 times. At least! Today I felt I was ready for waxing. The paint is from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company and I really truly do like working with it. But mixing to the same color 3 times in a row is clearly not my forte’. The color I used was Sea Green. I mixed it with care. 1 part Sea Green to 2 parts Snow White. The second time around it seemed lighter. The third time it seemed almost baby blue. acckk!

When I started waxing today, the flaws came out in strength. Many of you may think I did a bad job painting. I do. And waxing. Probably so. As near as I can tell, every inch was evenly waxed, allowed to dry 5 minutes or so, and then buffed. And buffed some more. I can Continue reading