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My auction preview

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I got to go over and do the preview at the acution today and thought I would share what I found.

First off is this children’s school desk. I would love to get it and remake it.

school desk

Next up is a painted desk that is well made with dove tail drawers, but it needs cleaned up and a fresh new look.



And there are things there that I would not be able to paint like this vintage record player

antique record player


The auctioneer and his helpers are stil bringing out stuff for tomorrow’s auction and I am hoping there will be a great find in there somewhere. I did spot a nice dresser set that I didn’t get a picture of and would LOVE to remake them, however, the price has to be just right. I am anxious to se what they have and will be hitting the bank for cash right and early!



Author: Bev

Just moved to an old Historic town in Oregon, to be closer to my elderly parents. Sharing a house with my brother that was built in 1890. I have two German Shepherds that love to walk, romp and play, swim and anything else as long as it is with me. My interests are in home decor, gardening, and remaking furniture by repairing, painting and breathing new life into it. Trying to learn all I can about blogging too!

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