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Mod Podge and a vintage desk

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First up, Mod Podge. 

I just got some for the first time yesterday. Can you believe I haven’t tried it yet? I mean really, who can resist trying something right away? I wanted some so bad, but to be honest, I don’t have anything to use it with yet. *sigh*

Next, my vintage desk. Built in 1927. Simple, and blah. Never finished with varnish or wax or anything. Poor thing is so dry it would be great kindling. But it has character. It has been well used. 



I spent hours sanding this piece even though it is unfinished wood. It is so dry that any little dent or gouge has created some mighty sharp splinter’s. Big chuncks of spilnter’s were peeling right off the poor thing as I sanded. There were some gouges that had to be repaired with wood filler. 

My color scheme is picked and I will be ready to paint it in the morning after giving it the night for the wood filler to cure. One last bit of sanding to make it all even and then I can paint. It will be done by tomorrow evening. I got started on the drawers today to get a jump start on the smaller parts. I am not going to tell what the color scheme is, but will say I was surprised by what the color actually looked like. You will have to come back soon to see the  {bright} reveal! 

More tomorrow! 


Author: Bev

Just moved to an old Historic town in Oregon, to be closer to my elderly parents. Sharing a house with my brother that was built in 1890. I have two German Shepherds that love to walk, romp and play, swim and anything else as long as it is with me. My interests are in home decor, gardening, and remaking furniture by repairing, painting and breathing new life into it. Trying to learn all I can about blogging too!

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