reviving vintage furniture with paint, stencils, wax, and more. Home decor.

Farmhouse Buffet Reveal

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I took my trip to Montana, had fun, shared tears of Joy with family and enjoyed the shock that comes with seeing your first Grandchild graduate from high school! My ex of 37 years also came, which no one was expecting. Want to know a secret? I have, over the past few years, developed a new secret crush on him! Nothing will ever come of it, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

While I was gone, my dad was in the hospital. He has a history of getting extremely light headed and passing out, and falling if he can’t get to a chair fast enough. I was gone for ten days. He had an episode the day I was leaving Washington and headed to Montana, so my brother handled everything. As soon as I got back home, I got a 14 hour rest at home, then took mom and dad to Boise Idaho so dad could get a pacemaker. He is god as gold now, and stronger every day. 

Meanwhile, I am back to collecting furniture, and painting it. Redesigning it. Redecorating it. Getting crafty! And a few days ago, last Thursday I believe, I found out that I won a Silhouette Portrait! It should be here in another week or so. I can’t wait to play with it! 

Yesterday I started working on a Farmhouse Buffet. Today I finished it. I work in dad’s garage so I limit how long I am there to no more than 4 hours a day. It is sometimes tough to have my elderly parents looking over my shoulder as I paint things in an unconventional manner! Answering their questions is okay, but they are usually the same questions, multiple times a day week. 

I picked my colors and went to work, and got quite far yesterday. Today I had to go shopping, got scattered brained and forgot stuff, made two trips when it should have taken one. Finally got to dad’s garage about noon and wrapped this puppy up! ImageImage




Author: Bev

Just moved to an old Historic town in Oregon, to be closer to my elderly parents. Sharing a house with my brother that was built in 1890. I have two German Shepherds that love to walk, romp and play, swim and anything else as long as it is with me. My interests are in home decor, gardening, and remaking furniture by repairing, painting and breathing new life into it. Trying to learn all I can about blogging too!

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