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I am moving home.

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Not home to mom and dad’s kinda home, but Washington state kind of home! 


I moved to Oregon on July 28th, 2012, and after being here for a year, have not been able to find suitable work that will allow me to stay. With my unemployment running out, I had to make a decision. 

I KNOW there is work in my home state. I know there are plenty of places to live up there too. So I had a long talk  with my brother and parents. Parents, especially dad was not happy, but my brother supports this decision 100%. 

I made phone calls, found a place to live that will be prefect for myself and my 2 Germans Shepherds ( and two kitties, but mum’s the word…I didn’t tell my landlord about them to save a few bucks) on a large piece of property in the country. I am going back to my old job and also applying at the new Amazon warehouse just in case construction doesn’t carry me through the season (winter). 

Today I am picking up two U Haul trailers, and will start loading them up. My brother will haul the 6x 12, and I will haul the 4x 8, plus my animals. Tomorrow we will finish loading the trailer’s with all of my worldly possessions and we are leaving first thing Monday morning. That evening we will be staying at a pet friendly Motel 6 in Centralia Washington. Tuesday morning we will go to my property manager to sign, pay and grab some keys! 

Tuesday and Wednesday will be the unloading of the trailer’s, and getting them returned. Internet will be live that day as well. Cable will be installed Wednesday. I will be getting groceries and other items I need, either Wednesday or Thursday. My brother is leaving the state on Friday, after visiting with his twin daughter’s. 

My weekend will be unpacking, getting organized and settling in, followed by picking up a couch and setting up a dog kennel/run. So I fully expect that by this time Next Saturday, I will be pretty much all set, and ready to start decorating! 

Is that a full week of scheduling or what? And that’s not all….somewhere in the midst of all that, I will be going to my Union hall to get on the list to work, and applying at Amazon’s new warehouse. Yes, my first week is packed. 


Looking forward to seeing you all on the flip side from Washington!!!!!


Author: Bev

Just moved to an old Historic town in Oregon, to be closer to my elderly parents. Sharing a house with my brother that was built in 1890. I have two German Shepherds that love to walk, romp and play, swim and anything else as long as it is with me. My interests are in home decor, gardening, and remaking furniture by repairing, painting and breathing new life into it. Trying to learn all I can about blogging too!

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