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Oregon vs Washington

I moved back to Washington late August of 2013. I loved every minute of it. Well almost. I was stressed due to lack of work and the consequent lack of income and the landlady didn’t like cats, of which I have two so I had to hide them..Often! But I LOVED being in a place of my own!

Then my dad lost his driver’s license and my brother had a stroke, a week before Christmas.

Now I am back in Oregon 😦

My dad thought they would need me because of their troubles. I have been back here since the 2nd of January. Dad is getting by just fine, and my brother can drive and is doing quite well considering his stroke and it being his 2nd. Dad won’t let me help him and mom much and my brother can get by fine without me, so there really is not a reason for me to be here.

Finding work in January here is next to impossible. It is a very small town that lays people off this time of year. Even in the good months it is tough to find work, but yet here I am, with NO income, and NO job. I had a call from Wal-Mart in Spanaway, WA the other day for an interview but being here I had to pass. I had an interview here before that for a housekeeping job at a motel but I didn’t get it either.

I am living with my brother…Again. And hating it. ALL of my things are in storage. I don’t even have my own bed here and using a bed that someone left here in the last 4 months. It is killing my back. My brother got himself a cat while I was in Washington. The cat is not dog friendly. Therefore I lock my dogs in my bedroom every night so there isn’t a conflict with my dogs and this cat.

My brother has another roomie, who is actually a decent guy. He helps my brother more than I do. There are things I refuse to do, like clean up after his sloppy self. He is not a tidy person, never was. So this guy’s uncle is preparing to move out of a little house. The guy, Charley, can’t afford to rent it because he doesn’t get enough hours at work. I certainly can’t afford it because I don’t have a job. However, my dad has said that if I can get the information on it and work things out he will back me in renting it. Pay my rent, etc. I kinda need a job so I can pay my own bills and support myself and I am looking for work. Charley said that the house is also for sale. Dad said ‘we just might buy it for you’. Now I have been down this road before and I know better than to believe that for one second! That is kind of what sent me reeling back to Washington in the first place! Close anyway. Bottom line is I NEED my own place; I can’t handle living in my brother’s dumpy house. It would have been okay if he hadn’t torn it apart all at once and never got it all fixed back up and if the yard was not a disaster zone. Hell it isn’t safe for my dogs to go out and play without supervision because they will get into stuff that can make them sick! Then there is the fact that all of MY treasures from my life are all in storage. Right now I can’t even get dressed in nice clothes to go apply for a job! I don’t want any kind of fancy job, but I can’t dress in anything nice because it is all in storage! Not that I have nice clothes anyway. I applied for another job as a receptionist. I Know I won’t even get an interview for that because of a few factors .. 1)Lack of experience as a receptionist, 2) lack of appropriate attire; 3) age-I am 56 and despite the discrimination law, it is strong here-they don’t like old ladies! 4)I am from Washington! 5) dad told me and I ‘obeyed’ him…to go over and let the gal who runs the operation that I put in for it 6) dad also went and talked to her. Hell that’s 6 strikes against me,,,that’s enough, right?

When it comes to this house, I am pretty sure I won’t get it either, unless dad buys it for me. I like the place though and the rent is only $300/month! Amazingly low, even for here.  I truly hope that I can get it but am not holding my breath. I sent the owner a letter. It went out yesterday. Trying with all my might to get a jump-start on it. That will probably cinch the deal that I don’t get it. Dad will have to buy it if it is in fact for sale. If it isn’t, I am screwed once again! That seems to be my life story here in Baker. If I owned my own house though I think jobs would be easier to get. That’s a good point to use on dad too. There are other houses for sale here. This particular one would be great though. It has  a garage and lots of space for my dogs. Even my cats would finally be happy. These things just are not ever going to happen in my brother’s house.

So, all in all, my life is a mess. It is hard to maintain a positive attitude. It is harder when my brother snaps my head off for no reason. I promised myself that I will not put up with that crap this time around and so far I have done well in stopping it. He can’t handle me being a bitch but he has such and ugly attitude himself that he can’t help himself from being snarky. I give him the cold shoulder all the time. I still feed him, but I don’t try to converse with him.

Doesn’t this all sound like a fabulous way to live?