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Happy Mpther’s Day!

Happy Mother;s Day to all the wonderful Women in the world! It truly is amazing and beautiful to celebrate women of the world!

I don’t post often enough here and while I would like to try to grow this blog, I just can’t get over here often enough. I have been putting my time and efforts into a website and my Blogger blog, and painting and getting ready for the next phase of my adventure in the DIY world. And I admit, I still enjoy wasting time on FaceBook, and forget to come over to say hello here. 

These past few months was filled with a dream and uncertainty. I was following my dream and uncertain if it would be accepted well in this town. 

But yesterday validated that my dream Will be accepted and embraced! I had a yard sale to try to get an idea of how people like painted furniture. I can say this…..My yard sale was a HUGE success, and I sold out in a matter of two hours! I met people in town here that were enthusiastic about my work and people who are interesed in getting to know me better, and even a guy who is interested in having me paint something for him in the future. My yard sale was supposed to run towo days and I had to close it after two hours. What that says to me is that I didn’t have enough to offer. Ladies were looking for fabric, yarn and dresser’s. Men, of course were looking for tools, and even books. So now that I know that my style and tastes were well received. I will be moving forward with my venture. 

Next steps for me is to get my hands on more furniture! Paint up a storm! Recreate pieces, restore pieces, decorate, design, and craft. Also, I am going to look into getting business cards made up, and possibly obtain a business license. The biggest step is getting into a shop. But for that, I have to make enough money first so the shop will not happen until next year. I have hopes of getting into one by next summer. 

My Hutch, farm desk, a little end table, a curvy desk and a few other items sold, and I made $250.00. My dad sold his generator and made $125 and mom sold something making $30.for a grand total of $405!  They were happy and I was on cloud 9! I have never ever seen a yard sale go sooooo well and soooo fast! My brother was going to take what was left over to a fair on Memorial weekend to sell for me, but there is nothing left to take. 



I am taking a trip over Memorial Day weekend. First I am going to my home state of Washington, to my son’s house. The day after I arrive, we are leaving to go to Montana. My first born grandchild is Graduating High School. We will be there to celebrate his success. Once we get back, I am spending a few days with my daughter and her girls. I am so excited to see my kids and grandkids! I will be coming home to Oregon on June 2nd and at that point will paint away till the next big fair in July. Believe me, I want to be ready for some heavy duty action and to make a lot of people smile this summer! So to get there, my vacation is much needed. I have never been to Montana so when I return I will share some of the thousands of photo’s I will be taking along the way. 


Thank you all for your support and again, Happy Mother’s Day! 


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Update with all I have done

I have been awol from this site for awhile and for that I apologize. I have been busy trying to get things ready to sell. Finishing this and that, moving things to my parents for my sale, and getting new pieces in to work on. 

The old desk I was working on when I was last here is nearly done. Just a little waxing and leg repair to do and it is done..oh and I have to put the hardware back on. 


I bought a hutch to work on, and it has taken me 2 weeks because it is at my parents house, and mom just wants to visit when I go over. Today I decided not to paint the inside of it and try to sell it with the option of painting it their choice of colors.

I painted my Grandma’s Mirror and chalkboarded the mirrir itself because the reflective material was in poor condition. I am certain it will sell. 


I have 6 projects finished, including the mirror. Will finish up the old desk this afternoon, and plan on painting a little stand tomight. It will be easy since it is small. I have more shutter I am cleaning up but not painting. They are so time consuming! 

I picked up a really nice, curvy desk this last weekend that I am going to offer as is too. I am really excited to have this and really want to paint it but have been advised not to as it may be worth more in it’s current condition.


Time to get back to work!

See y’all on the flip side!



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Sneak Peek

This is the sneak peek of my desk as it begins to take shape. 


This is a front lower corner. See the difference in the materials it is made of?

Here is one of the 6 drawers


I have sanded and sanded trying to get all the nicks and gouges out. I have been jabbed by splinters and the tips of my fingers hurt. It is crazy how rough this desk was. It definitely has a history. It was built in 1927~ and has served it purpose for a very long time. 

But it was unloved in the process. No finish, no waxes. Just a bare old desk working hard to serve its people. So I decided all the sanding and poked fingers were worth it to show it some love. 

The paint was complimentary from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company. I LOVE working with this paint. I got safepaint to ensure it would be safe in any home, even with small children or babies. 

It will take several more days to complete this beast, but it is well worth the effort, in my opinion. 

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Mod Podge and a vintage desk

First up, Mod Podge. 

I just got some for the first time yesterday. Can you believe I haven’t tried it yet? I mean really, who can resist trying something right away? I wanted some so bad, but to be honest, I don’t have anything to use it with yet. *sigh*

Next, my vintage desk. Built in 1927. Simple, and blah. Never finished with varnish or wax or anything. Poor thing is so dry it would be great kindling. But it has character. It has been well used. 



I spent hours sanding this piece even though it is unfinished wood. It is so dry that any little dent or gouge has created some mighty sharp splinter’s. Big chuncks of spilnter’s were peeling right off the poor thing as I sanded. There were some gouges that had to be repaired with wood filler. 

My color scheme is picked and I will be ready to paint it in the morning after giving it the night for the wood filler to cure. One last bit of sanding to make it all even and then I can paint. It will be done by tomorrow evening. I got started on the drawers today to get a jump start on the smaller parts. I am not going to tell what the color scheme is, but will say I was surprised by what the color actually looked like. You will have to come back soon to see the  {bright} reveal! 

More tomorrow! 

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My auction preview

I got to go over and do the preview at the acution today and thought I would share what I found.

First off is this children’s school desk. I would love to get it and remake it.

school desk

Next up is a painted desk that is well made with dove tail drawers, but it needs cleaned up and a fresh new look.



And there are things there that I would not be able to paint like this vintage record player

antique record player


The auctioneer and his helpers are stil bringing out stuff for tomorrow’s auction and I am hoping there will be a great find in there somewhere. I did spot a nice dresser set that I didn’t get a picture of and would LOVE to remake them, however, the price has to be just right. I am anxious to se what they have and will be hitting the bank for cash right and early!


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Celebrating Spring!

Just a little planter I had picked up at our ReStore. It was gray when I picked it up, but I had an itch to scratch, meaning I needed to paint something pretty. I just happened to have pastel colors on hand and thought how perfect with Easter just a week away!


Once the weather is warmer, I will line the baskets (which I grabbed at the Dollar Store yesterday) with moss, a little bit of soil and put some pretty flowers in them.  For Easter I will probably do something else to fill the baskets.

Of course that means shopping tomorrow! I just love it when a project gives me an excuse to go shopping!

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Abandoning WP

I have not really learned WP well, and feel that it is not my thing, really. I am going to abandon this blog. I use blogger more, find it more user friendly, and have plans to beging a new blog htere that is more organized and more engaging for my readers. 

For now you can find me at 

I don’t want to be DIY Granny…I want to have a catchy name, and I finally came up with a name that I like, and it was available too, so once I publish the new blog I will post that name and URL at the above blog and cross my fingers that anyone whp wants to see what I am up to will find their way to my new blog. 


So…see you all on the flip side!