reviving vintage furniture with paint, stencils, wax, and more. Home decor.

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Working as a waitress

After many many years of Not working in restaurants that is exactly what I am doing again. At 56 years old (almost 57!) I am working at a truck stop, where it is extremely busy. I was in training for their cash system and learning the menu for 5 days, and went straight into my schedule which is an additional 3 days before getting a day off. 8 days, then one day off one more work day then Finally 2 days off. Tired is not the word. This morning I was completely exhausted, my legs and feet ache, and I was feeling unstable in my feet.

The good news is that I have my own house here now. Rather than living with my brother, my pets & I are in a rental house that is large enough for us to be more than comfortable. It is so great to have my own place AND a job no matter how exhausting the work is because I can come home to a home I am comfy in!

I am still working on restoring pieces of furniture and doing other crafts. I am in the middle of working on some captains chairs, and I have several other pieces that are waiting for fabulous things to be done to them. I still have a spare bedroom to decorate and  have tons of ideas, plus the rest of the house has endless potential. Now time will be a major factor in getting it done since I have a job to go to. Plus the fact that I am caring for my parents and older brother…not that they need a lot right now, but I do have to keep up to speed on what’s happening with all of them just in case. Last but not least I need to spend time with my pets so they don’t feel neglected….my pair of German Shepherds are not happy that I went back to work and are already feeling neglected. They want ‘mommy’ to go out and play with them and to go places to have fun. So in time I will find a happy balance, but for the moment, I am doing my best to learn the job and to work towards the goal of balancing my time well to fit it all in.

I also just got a new computer so I am working on getting my pictures uploaded and saved so I can share, so right now I don’t have anything to post but know I will be back as soon as I can!


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Oregon vs Washington

I moved back to Washington late August of 2013. I loved every minute of it. Well almost. I was stressed due to lack of work and the consequent lack of income and the landlady didn’t like cats, of which I have two so I had to hide them..Often! But I LOVED being in a place of my own!

Then my dad lost his driver’s license and my brother had a stroke, a week before Christmas.

Now I am back in Oregon 😦

My dad thought they would need me because of their troubles. I have been back here since the 2nd of January. Dad is getting by just fine, and my brother can drive and is doing quite well considering his stroke and it being his 2nd. Dad won’t let me help him and mom much and my brother can get by fine without me, so there really is not a reason for me to be here.

Finding work in January here is next to impossible. It is a very small town that lays people off this time of year. Even in the good months it is tough to find work, but yet here I am, with NO income, and NO job. I had a call from Wal-Mart in Spanaway, WA the other day for an interview but being here I had to pass. I had an interview here before that for a housekeeping job at a motel but I didn’t get it either.

I am living with my brother…Again. And hating it. ALL of my things are in storage. I don’t even have my own bed here and using a bed that someone left here in the last 4 months. It is killing my back. My brother got himself a cat while I was in Washington. The cat is not dog friendly. Therefore I lock my dogs in my bedroom every night so there isn’t a conflict with my dogs and this cat.

My brother has another roomie, who is actually a decent guy. He helps my brother more than I do. There are things I refuse to do, like clean up after his sloppy self. He is not a tidy person, never was. So this guy’s uncle is preparing to move out of a little house. The guy, Charley, can’t afford to rent it because he doesn’t get enough hours at work. I certainly can’t afford it because I don’t have a job. However, my dad has said that if I can get the information on it and work things out he will back me in renting it. Pay my rent, etc. I kinda need a job so I can pay my own bills and support myself and I am looking for work. Charley said that the house is also for sale. Dad said ‘we just might buy it for you’. Now I have been down this road before and I know better than to believe that for one second! That is kind of what sent me reeling back to Washington in the first place! Close anyway. Bottom line is I NEED my own place; I can’t handle living in my brother’s dumpy house. It would have been okay if he hadn’t torn it apart all at once and never got it all fixed back up and if the yard was not a disaster zone. Hell it isn’t safe for my dogs to go out and play without supervision because they will get into stuff that can make them sick! Then there is the fact that all of MY treasures from my life are all in storage. Right now I can’t even get dressed in nice clothes to go apply for a job! I don’t want any kind of fancy job, but I can’t dress in anything nice because it is all in storage! Not that I have nice clothes anyway. I applied for another job as a receptionist. I Know I won’t even get an interview for that because of a few factors .. 1)Lack of experience as a receptionist, 2) lack of appropriate attire; 3) age-I am 56 and despite the discrimination law, it is strong here-they don’t like old ladies! 4)I am from Washington! 5) dad told me and I ‘obeyed’ him…to go over and let the gal who runs the operation that I put in for it 6) dad also went and talked to her. Hell that’s 6 strikes against me,,,that’s enough, right?

When it comes to this house, I am pretty sure I won’t get it either, unless dad buys it for me. I like the place though and the rent is only $300/month! Amazingly low, even for here.  I truly hope that I can get it but am not holding my breath. I sent the owner a letter. It went out yesterday. Trying with all my might to get a jump-start on it. That will probably cinch the deal that I don’t get it. Dad will have to buy it if it is in fact for sale. If it isn’t, I am screwed once again! That seems to be my life story here in Baker. If I owned my own house though I think jobs would be easier to get. That’s a good point to use on dad too. There are other houses for sale here. This particular one would be great though. It has  a garage and lots of space for my dogs. Even my cats would finally be happy. These things just are not ever going to happen in my brother’s house.

So, all in all, my life is a mess. It is hard to maintain a positive attitude. It is harder when my brother snaps my head off for no reason. I promised myself that I will not put up with that crap this time around and so far I have done well in stopping it. He can’t handle me being a bitch but he has such and ugly attitude himself that he can’t help himself from being snarky. I give him the cold shoulder all the time. I still feed him, but I don’t try to converse with him.

Doesn’t this all sound like a fabulous way to live?

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I am moving home.

Not home to mom and dad’s kinda home, but Washington state kind of home! 


I moved to Oregon on July 28th, 2012, and after being here for a year, have not been able to find suitable work that will allow me to stay. With my unemployment running out, I had to make a decision. 

I KNOW there is work in my home state. I know there are plenty of places to live up there too. So I had a long talk  with my brother and parents. Parents, especially dad was not happy, but my brother supports this decision 100%. 

I made phone calls, found a place to live that will be prefect for myself and my 2 Germans Shepherds ( and two kitties, but mum’s the word…I didn’t tell my landlord about them to save a few bucks) on a large piece of property in the country. I am going back to my old job and also applying at the new Amazon warehouse just in case construction doesn’t carry me through the season (winter). 

Today I am picking up two U Haul trailers, and will start loading them up. My brother will haul the 6x 12, and I will haul the 4x 8, plus my animals. Tomorrow we will finish loading the trailer’s with all of my worldly possessions and we are leaving first thing Monday morning. That evening we will be staying at a pet friendly Motel 6 in Centralia Washington. Tuesday morning we will go to my property manager to sign, pay and grab some keys! 

Tuesday and Wednesday will be the unloading of the trailer’s, and getting them returned. Internet will be live that day as well. Cable will be installed Wednesday. I will be getting groceries and other items I need, either Wednesday or Thursday. My brother is leaving the state on Friday, after visiting with his twin daughter’s. 

My weekend will be unpacking, getting organized and settling in, followed by picking up a couch and setting up a dog kennel/run. So I fully expect that by this time Next Saturday, I will be pretty much all set, and ready to start decorating! 

Is that a full week of scheduling or what? And that’s not all….somewhere in the midst of all that, I will be going to my Union hall to get on the list to work, and applying at Amazon’s new warehouse. Yes, my first week is packed. 


Looking forward to seeing you all on the flip side from Washington!!!!!

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Getting ready for a sale

This is going to be a busy week! The small town I live in has an event called Miner’s Jubilee every year and I wanted badly to have a booth set up across from it with my furniture make over’s and crafts to sell. I have a collection going on that seriously needs thinning out before I can move on, because I  am totaly out of space. And of course the collection keeps growing too. 

So I didn’t get around to asking where I can set up for free. I don’t want to invest money to set up a ‘booth’ under my canopy somewhere as that cuts deep into any profit I Might make. So instead I decided to just have a yard sale at my dad’s house, just a few blocks away. It is much easier that way since this is where al of my things are anyway. 

I have my Farmhouse Buffet: Image

And this little stand

ImageMy Oval Coffe table

ImageAnd end tables



and this table



and a black stand, and oh sooo much more! 

I also have a telephone table, which I believe I am going to make into a charging station along with all of the normal yard sale stuff, and collections of items like painted picture frames, and plaques I just made like these:



I want to draw the tourists in and make them all very happy with their purchases, and still have a number of things to get ready. I have a dresser and head and footboards to paint still….So why am I sitting here online, you ask?

I am waiting for morning….with my projects mainly in my dad’s garage, it has been difficult to get motivated to work. I take care of my folks and they often interupt wanting to chat or watch and ask a LOT of questions. But today they left to go camping, so I will have some time alone in the garage. I wish it was cooler right now or I would go work there now. 

Then there are still more plaques to make, some old windows to work on, and hauling a lot over to set up for my sale. To be honest, I will be happy if I can have the dresser done in time to put in the sale. 

Once my sale is over in a week, I will again start collecting items to up cycle, paint, repurpose and have fun with. New projects and new ideas to implement. It will be nice to start again! But there is a ton to do starting tomorrow morning so I am resting up tonight! 



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Happy Independence Day!

To my fellow Americans!

Today is like no other! It is America’s 237th Birthday. The day we celebrate our freedom and remember all who have given their lives for this freedom and show our Respect to those who give their all for us on a daily basis. This doesn’t mean just our military, but also our police, firefighter’s, hospitals and their employees, and any and all servants that make America tick!

I am not having family over or preparing a big fancy meal this year. I am not going out to watch, or having any fireworks at home. Instead I am sitting quietly, reflecting on all we as Americans have to be grateful for. I am enjoying the peaceful morning and simply reflecting. I remember big moments in history. I remember those who have affected my life in positive ways. I remember my manners and how to show respect, and how to honor those who have earned the utmost.

As this day moves forward, I ask that each and every one of you take a moment to do the same. To reflect quietly and remember what America is about.

It is not about any one of us but about ALL of us, as Americans. It is about those who have given their all, their lives, made sacrifices and continue to do so, for the sake of our country and our freedom.

We do not have the right to bring harm to our fellow Americans. We do not have the right to harm our children. But we, as Americans, should hold ourselves to the highest standards, and embrace the love for which this country was built upon and which brings each American to Love our Country!

As each of you go on about your day, please show respect to each individual who crosses your path as if that individual deserves our ultimate Respect. If we each do this, there would be no violence, no hatred, no battles for this day. If we all do this every day for one week, one month, one year, perhaps, just maybe, we can Unite as One and make our Forefather’s Proud of us as an Undivided nation once again!

May Peace be with my Brother’s and Sister’s in this Land Of The Free!

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Farmhouse Buffet Reveal

I took my trip to Montana, had fun, shared tears of Joy with family and enjoyed the shock that comes with seeing your first Grandchild graduate from high school! My ex of 37 years also came, which no one was expecting. Want to know a secret? I have, over the past few years, developed a new secret crush on him! Nothing will ever come of it, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

While I was gone, my dad was in the hospital. He has a history of getting extremely light headed and passing out, and falling if he can’t get to a chair fast enough. I was gone for ten days. He had an episode the day I was leaving Washington and headed to Montana, so my brother handled everything. As soon as I got back home, I got a 14 hour rest at home, then took mom and dad to Boise Idaho so dad could get a pacemaker. He is god as gold now, and stronger every day. 

Meanwhile, I am back to collecting furniture, and painting it. Redesigning it. Redecorating it. Getting crafty! And a few days ago, last Thursday I believe, I found out that I won a Silhouette Portrait! It should be here in another week or so. I can’t wait to play with it! 

Yesterday I started working on a Farmhouse Buffet. Today I finished it. I work in dad’s garage so I limit how long I am there to no more than 4 hours a day. It is sometimes tough to have my elderly parents looking over my shoulder as I paint things in an unconventional manner! Answering their questions is okay, but they are usually the same questions, multiple times a day week. 

I picked my colors and went to work, and got quite far yesterday. Today I had to go shopping, got scattered brained and forgot stuff, made two trips when it should have taken one. Finally got to dad’s garage about noon and wrapped this puppy up! ImageImage



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Travel rather than paint

You may or may not have noticed that I have been absent recently. Nothing new since I don’t post frequently here. 

I went on a trip. I went to NE Montana to see my first Grandchild Graduate from High School. But first I went to Washington state to my son’s house, and he & his family & myself made the trip to  together. It was a 20 hour drive with 5 people in the minivan. 3 driver’s was a great help, but we were all so exhausted. 

Upon leaving for MT, my son called Kody (his son, the graduate) to tell him we were going to be a day late. That was mean! Kody was sooo bummed. We made the drive with no further contact. Once we arrived in town where Kody lives, we called his mom. She sent him to the store for bacon and OJ. We went to their house, and his sister (my Granddaughter, Jazzy) hid, while the rest of us waited in the living room. 

Kody got back from the store and handed the bacon and juice to his mom as she was nodding for him to look in the living room. Kody didn’t catch on so his brother literally turned Kody’s head for him to look. He was super happy, his sad face went to happy instantly. Then as he hugged his dad, he was told to turn around again, and that is when he saw his sister. He had no idea Jazzy would get to come and he was so happy he cried every time he hugged her. Let me just say…there was not a dry eye in the house! That was probably one of the neatest things I have ever witnessed! 

We stayed a few hours visiting and then headed to our motel to check in and shower. As we were unloading the car, Jazzy noticed a man walking towards us and as I looked up, I recognized him too. It was my ex of 37 years! He has not been very involved with my son and his kids, Kody and Jazzy, but he made the drive from Washington state to NE Montana to see Kody graduate too. I was surprised, and thrilled for Kody. Even our son was not sure if his dad would be there so we all were rather surprised! 

Of course, once we saw Grandpa, we had to take him over to see Kody and give him this surprise too. We got to Kody’s house and he was in his bedroom. We called him out. As he came in to the living room, he had his cowboy boots in his hand. Jazzy encouraged Kody to go to the front door where his Grandpa was standing, waiting. As Kody came around the corner and saw his Grandpa standing there, he dropped his boots, and gave his Grandpa a huge hug. My Grandson had THE BIGGEST smile on his face! 

From there we all went out to Kody’s friends house where he got to do some target practice with his dad and Grandpa. It was very windy that day so it was not the best for target practice, but Kody was on Cloud 9 to have this special time with them. 

We dropped Kody off at home, and went back to the room for those showers. After a good night of sleep that was much needed after the long drive, we went to Kody’s house, then on to the school for his Big Moment. 

After Graduation, there were refreshments, etc. We left after that and went back to the room for awhile. Later that evening, everyone gathered at Kody’s Uncle John’s for a HUGE BBQ spread, lots of fun, pictures and good times. Someone smashed a cupcake in Kody’s face, and he did the same to his dad. It was a great time for all. We got back to the room around 10pm. Kody and his girlfriend came, his Grandpa came and we visited in the room for another hour or two. We finally sent our graduate home because he was clearly as tired as the rest of us. 

The next morning we had to pack up and check out of the room, then visited with our boy a few more hours before heading home again. We had to drive that 20 hour trip back, and Jazzy had to be home by Tuesday. 

Once back in Washington, I dropped Jazzy off at home and went to my daughter’s house to see her and her two girls. It was relaxing and dreamy there. My daughter works full time and the girls were still in school. I got there on a Tuesday, and came home the following Sunday. 

The drive from Washington to Eastern Oregon was one I dreaded, but it was an easy drive of only 7 hours! I came hme for the night, slept in my own bed, checked on my dogs n cats, then Monday morning (day before yesterday) I took my dad to Boise Idaho for surgery to get his pacemaker in. Of course mom came too, and I discovered just how delicate she is at this stage of dementia. She could easily get lost. I was extremely careful to keep an eye on her, and keep her close. I am one to normally walk a bit faster than mom can keep up with so was sure to slow my pace. 

Dad’s surgery went well. His pacemaker started pacing his heart almost immediately. This is very much needed. Prior to this surgery, he frequently blacked out or fainted. Mom and I spent the night in a very nice motel and enjoyed some bonding time. We took advantage of a free breakfast, then went back to the hospital, and dad was released soon after. As soon as he was out, I began the drive to get them home safely. We were home several hours earlier than we had anticipated. Once mom and dad were settled, I came home to my pets and things to do. 

Today I took mom grocery shopping, to he bank and to get her medications. In a little bit I will go get dad’s medications that were not ready when we were there earlier. I will make sure they are settled for the night and be free to come home and relax for the night.

Kody with his dad and GrandpaImageImage



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Happy Mpther’s Day!

Happy Mother;s Day to all the wonderful Women in the world! It truly is amazing and beautiful to celebrate women of the world!

I don’t post often enough here and while I would like to try to grow this blog, I just can’t get over here often enough. I have been putting my time and efforts into a website and my Blogger blog, and painting and getting ready for the next phase of my adventure in the DIY world. And I admit, I still enjoy wasting time on FaceBook, and forget to come over to say hello here. 

These past few months was filled with a dream and uncertainty. I was following my dream and uncertain if it would be accepted well in this town. 

But yesterday validated that my dream Will be accepted and embraced! I had a yard sale to try to get an idea of how people like painted furniture. I can say this…..My yard sale was a HUGE success, and I sold out in a matter of two hours! I met people in town here that were enthusiastic about my work and people who are interesed in getting to know me better, and even a guy who is interested in having me paint something for him in the future. My yard sale was supposed to run towo days and I had to close it after two hours. What that says to me is that I didn’t have enough to offer. Ladies were looking for fabric, yarn and dresser’s. Men, of course were looking for tools, and even books. So now that I know that my style and tastes were well received. I will be moving forward with my venture. 

Next steps for me is to get my hands on more furniture! Paint up a storm! Recreate pieces, restore pieces, decorate, design, and craft. Also, I am going to look into getting business cards made up, and possibly obtain a business license. The biggest step is getting into a shop. But for that, I have to make enough money first so the shop will not happen until next year. I have hopes of getting into one by next summer. 

My Hutch, farm desk, a little end table, a curvy desk and a few other items sold, and I made $250.00. My dad sold his generator and made $125 and mom sold something making $30.for a grand total of $405!  They were happy and I was on cloud 9! I have never ever seen a yard sale go sooooo well and soooo fast! My brother was going to take what was left over to a fair on Memorial weekend to sell for me, but there is nothing left to take. 



I am taking a trip over Memorial Day weekend. First I am going to my home state of Washington, to my son’s house. The day after I arrive, we are leaving to go to Montana. My first born grandchild is Graduating High School. We will be there to celebrate his success. Once we get back, I am spending a few days with my daughter and her girls. I am so excited to see my kids and grandkids! I will be coming home to Oregon on June 2nd and at that point will paint away till the next big fair in July. Believe me, I want to be ready for some heavy duty action and to make a lot of people smile this summer! So to get there, my vacation is much needed. I have never been to Montana so when I return I will share some of the thousands of photo’s I will be taking along the way. 


Thank you all for your support and again, Happy Mother’s Day! 

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Update with all I have done

I have been awol from this site for awhile and for that I apologize. I have been busy trying to get things ready to sell. Finishing this and that, moving things to my parents for my sale, and getting new pieces in to work on. 

The old desk I was working on when I was last here is nearly done. Just a little waxing and leg repair to do and it is done..oh and I have to put the hardware back on. 


I bought a hutch to work on, and it has taken me 2 weeks because it is at my parents house, and mom just wants to visit when I go over. Today I decided not to paint the inside of it and try to sell it with the option of painting it their choice of colors.

I painted my Grandma’s Mirror and chalkboarded the mirrir itself because the reflective material was in poor condition. I am certain it will sell. 


I have 6 projects finished, including the mirror. Will finish up the old desk this afternoon, and plan on painting a little stand tomight. It will be easy since it is small. I have more shutter I am cleaning up but not painting. They are so time consuming! 

I picked up a really nice, curvy desk this last weekend that I am going to offer as is too. I am really excited to have this and really want to paint it but have been advised not to as it may be worth more in it’s current condition.


Time to get back to work!

See y’all on the flip side!



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Sneak Peek

This is the sneak peek of my desk as it begins to take shape. 


This is a front lower corner. See the difference in the materials it is made of?

Here is one of the 6 drawers


I have sanded and sanded trying to get all the nicks and gouges out. I have been jabbed by splinters and the tips of my fingers hurt. It is crazy how rough this desk was. It definitely has a history. It was built in 1927~ and has served it purpose for a very long time. 

But it was unloved in the process. No finish, no waxes. Just a bare old desk working hard to serve its people. So I decided all the sanding and poked fingers were worth it to show it some love. 

The paint was complimentary from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company. I LOVE working with this paint. I got safepaint to ensure it would be safe in any home, even with small children or babies. 

It will take several more days to complete this beast, but it is well worth the effort, in my opinion.